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CMWA Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

  • Rollie J. Carlson (President)
  • Peter Rengel (Vice President)
  • Gina Artisensi-Skime - The Crown Room Banquet Center
  • Megan Czycalla - Reichel's Catering & Event Center
  • Karen Willet - Unique Moments Photography
  • Nichole Winter - Destination Vacation
  • Dennis Zerwas, Jr. - DZ Photography


Founding Board Members:

  • Jake Sturgis - Capture Video
  • Adam Welz - Prime Time DJs


The CMWA is a community of professionals and businesses who provide products and services relating to the wedding industry. We are committed to excellence, professionalism and integrity in everything we do. Our goals are to be a referral network for businesses and to be a resource for engaged couples to plan their weddings.

Mission Statement:

   The Central Minnesota Wedding Association exists to join wedding industry businesses in networking relationships and to be a comprehensive resource for engaged couples in the greater central Minnesota area.


   The CMWA has a Board of Directors consisting of wedding industry professionals with the vision to see the association and its members succeed, as well as to fulfill needs of couples planning their weddings.

Code Of Ethics:

Businesses in the Association will commit to abiding by the Code of Ethics:

   1. I will conduct my business in a professional and ethical manner.

   2. I will provide customers and prospective customers with timely, complete and unambiguous information about all prices, products and services, options and contract provisions.

   3. I will accurately represent my qualifications and expertise in all communications. If I am not qualified to perform the service, I will recommend the services of a qualified CMWA member.

   4. I will communicate professionally with customers, potential customers and business contacts; returning telephone calls and answering emails promptly.

   5. I will respect other wedding professionals and treat them with professional courtesy.

   6. I will respect intellectual property rights of others, including trademarks and copyrighted materials.

   7. I will follow all business licensing requirements for my specific type of business and will keep all licenses and permits current and in good standing.

   8. I will honor all agreements, written and verbal, with customers and other business associates.

   9. I will handle any disagreement with my customers in a professional manner and will work promptly to come to an agreement.

   10. I agree not to discriminate against customers, potential customers and other wedding professionals based on race, creed, color, gender, age, disability or country of origin.



 If your business is interested in joining The Central Minnesota Wedding Association please email jake@idoido.org or call 320-281-4824

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