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7 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding
October 08, 2013

We’re here to set the record straight- weddings aren’t all about cupcakes, sparkles, and bowties. There are a few things that no one will prepare you for while you’re planning for your wedding and the following seven items are our top examples!

1. There is no such thing as perfection (and no, your wedding day is not an exception!)

Be prepared for things to not go completely according to plan. No, you can’t control the weather. And yes, your flower girl and ring bearer will probably disobey your wedding wishes.

Instead of trying to prepare for every thing that could go wrong, laugh through the stress and savor every moment- even the imperfect ones!

2. You might not cry when you find your wedding dress.

We’ve all seen it in the movies and on TV- it’s not the dress unless you (and your mom, aunt, second cousin, best friend...) get tears in your eyes. Don’t think you shouldn’t buy your dream gown just because it’s not making you weepy. We’re not saying this doesn’t happen from time to time, but it just might not happen to you- and that’s okay!

3. You can’t ask your vendors too many questions.

You’re doing something wrong if you aren’t asking questions! Start general with these 12 questions that you can ask every wedding vendor. Then ask more specific ones like: Caterer- what’s your favorite dish to make? Florist- what type of flower holds out best in the heat? etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask their recommendations for other vendors that you’re having difficulty filling. They are experts in the industry so they will probably know someone that will fit your timeline, personalities, needs, and finances- so use their connections!

4. Bring an emergency bridal kit with you.

It’s better to be over prepared than underprepared! Avoid unnecessary stressors by packing basic wedding day essentials. Here’s a short list to help you get started: Advil, hairspray, bobby pins, waterproof mascara, oil sopping papers, lip gloss, nail filer, Q-tips,  band-aids, sewing kit, scissors, safety pins, double sided tape, tissues, lint roller, mints, Tide pen, deodorant, earring backs, tampons, camera, etc....

5. Going to the bathroom will be a team effort.

In most cases, it will be a team effort to get your wedding dress on, off, and everything in-between (yup, we’re talking about going to the ladies room!). Consider giving a good friend the role of being your personal attendant. You’ll have an extra hand to make sure everything runs smoothly!


6. Keep your eye on the wedding gift table.

Although uncommon, wedding crashers are not unheard of. Play it safe and protect your gift table. Take a look at these creative gift table displays that will keep your cards secure, and will still go along with your wedding theme!

7. Marriage comes with lots of paperwork.

You must apply for a marriage license before your wedding day (we recommend doing it at least one month before). Another thing to think about is changing your legal name. Not only do you have to go through loads of paperwork to change your actual name, but you must also change it on other important pre-existing documents (license, passport, credit cards, social security etc.). Keep this in mind if you plan on leaving the country for your honeymoon, since you will need your passport to travel!