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Planning Your Wedding on a Budget
November 04, 2013

Don’t break the bank while planning your wedding! Follow this guide to all things financially savvy. 

Go with fresh flowers on your cake instead of sugar


The amount of labor that goes into creating each intricate flower out of sugar ups the price of the cake.

Theme stations are always popular


This idea is not a budget buster whatsoever. You can have your caterer set out the food in big quantities or take-out containers that go with your wedding colors or theme. Consider a mashed potato bar where guests can top martini glasses of spuds with bacon, sour cream, flavored butters or a Panini bar that serves a choice of grilled sandwiches.

DIY invitations

If you, your fiancé or your friends are DIY-ers, consider creating your own invites by hand or a high-quality printer. A local craft store will have invitation and program kits as well. You can get some really neat effects this way! One more thing about the invites, do not pay extra to have them assembled. Just get your bridal party together and set up an assembly line. If you have a friend or your mother is a wonderful calligrapher, have her address your invitations instead of paying someone else to do so.

Why not get your friends and family involved in the wedding details?

Maybe your uncle is a brilliant guitar player. Ask him to play atyour ceremony. Maybe your sister-in-law is a graphic designer. Request her help for your invitations. Does your aunt bake a cheesecake that is to die for? Ask for her help at with the dessert. It is very likely that friends and family are happy to help out. Just make sure you show heaps of gratitude for their assistance.

Create a comparison chart

Keep track of what is included in the price for each venue you’re considering. One company may not include linens and the cake, for example, while another company does.

Keep these suggestions in mind while planning your special day and you will be sure to save money. Contact us, the Central Minnesota Wedding Association, for your entire vendor needs! We will help you find the dress boutique, jeweler, florist, and photographer, and many more other vendors that are the best choice for you and your fiancé!