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Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips
December 06, 2013

Your big day is almost here! Have you had time to consider what look you’re hoping to achieve? Here are the top things to consider when choosing what hair and makeup styles to go with for your wedding day:

Overall Theme

When deciding on what look to go with for you big day, take into account the bigger picture: What’s your overall wedding theme? Is it an elegant winter wonderland? Think about a sleek, sophisticated, and timeless look. Is it a rustic outdoor affair? Consider loose hair and a more casual look.


Prepare for the Weather 

Whenever your wedding date is set for, take into consideration what type of weather is common for that season. If it’s in the summer, there’s a good chance there will be humidity. You may want to opt for an undo. If you set it for the fall, there’s a good chance there will be wind. A style that is pinned back from your face may be best.


Think about your timeline of events, how long are you allowing yourself from the time you get ready until you walk down the aisle? Hair and makeup usually looks its best within three hours of application. Some hair dos don’t last as long as others- make sure your stylist knows these details.

Extra tip: Schedule your bridesmaids first, and save yourself for last when you get your hair/makeup done.

Bring Pictures

Once you know what kind of look you want, narrow your options down by tearing photos of similar styles you like from bridal magazines. This will help your stylist and makeup artist gain a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Be Yourself 

Don’t overdo it! You want to look your best, but you want to still look like yourself! Try to go with a look that’s showcases your best features without changing your natural beauty.