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The Need-to-Know Guide for Booking your Photographer
October 23, 2014

Your wedding day might only be a short affair, but it’s one that you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. And, if you don’t want to forget a single moment, it’s time to think seriously about booking the perfect wedding photographer.

We here at the CMWA fancy ourselves experts on such matters, and so, without further ado:




Alright, let’s start with the fun part - selecting your wedding photography style! Everyone has their own unique taste, but a few popular wedding photography styles include Documentary, Portraiture, Fine Art, and Edgy.

Documentary style photography focuses on taking candid and spontaneous photos of people. These photos capture emotions and are much more expressive than the traditional portraiture style photography. Conversely, Portraiture contains posed photos with various backdrops. Portraiture photos tend to have a classic look, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Playing around with different backdrops can make your portrait style photos more fun. Fine art photography borders on the more dramatic. These shots have a dreamier feel and  frequently a blurred background. And lastly, Edgy photos consist of tilted angles, unique & unconventional framing, and out-of-box composition and ideas.

We recommend that you pick one of these styles for your photographer to focus on, but stay open to including a few photos in other styles. Keep your options open; you never know what you’ll get!

Set a Budget

Determining your budget for photography will help you narrow down your list. There’s no magic number for your photography budget - that’s totally up to you. If you are a loss for where to set your budget, start researching local photographers’ packages and prices to help you get a feel for what you’re comfortable spending.


THIS. IS. CRUCIAL. During the research process, don’t just visit the photographers website. You should also visit their social media pages; there; you’ll see a bit more of their personality and how they interact with customers. But don’t stop there - read reviews from reliable sources like Wedding Wire, The Knot, Yelp, Google and of course the Central Minnesota Wedding Association. The research process is also the time to compare packages and costs. Once you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to set up interviews with your favorites.

Interview your Favorites

When scheduling interviews, make sure to ask if your wedding date is available - I mean, there’s no point to have a meeting if your date is already booked!  When you’re interviewing potential photographers, make sure to review multiple FULL wedding albums they’ve done with a critical eye! Ask if the albums you’re viewing are photographs that the photographer you are interviewing actually shot… not one of their colleagues. And, take note of how your personalities mesh.

Here’s a great list of questions to ask:

·      Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding?

·      How many other weddings will you photograph that weekend?

·      Will you have any assistants with you on that day?

·      How long have you been photographing weddings?

·      How many weddings have you photographed?

·      Have you shot a wedding at my ceremony and/or reception venues?

·      What type of equipment do you use?

·      Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

·      Do you charge a travel fee?

·      What packages do you offer? Are the customizable?

·      Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?

·      Can I purchase the rights to print photos myself?

·      What is your cancellation policy?

We know choosing a photographer can be overwhelming; there are a TON of them. So...

Here’s a list of our preferred photographers:

  • Lucas Botz Photography focuses on making unique photojournalistic memories with a modern feel.

  • Kari Kraemer Photography caters to each individual’s style; from classic, formal photographs, to a more journalistic and candid approach.

  • 99 Perspectives Photography is captivating, modern, and bold. 99 Perspectives loves being creative, romantic, and showcasing your personality.  

  • Forever Yours Wedding Photography specializes in Wedding and Engagement Photography and their wedding packages come with a Photo Booth rental.

  • Rensberger Wedding Photography- Lee has over 20 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer. He provides a tremendous value for the dollars you spend.

There are a ton of considerations in play when picking a wedding photographer and these are just a few of our crucial must-dos. Comment below and let us know if you have any other things you wish you’d known before choosing a wedding photographer.