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Wedding Jewelry: Make Yourself Sparkle on your Wedding Day
November 12, 2014

There are many things to consider when creating the perfect look for your wedding - and one very important, often overlooked aspect is jewelry.

We want to see you absolutely sparkle on your wedding day, so here’s our list of jewelry selection tips to help you look your very best!

Match your Dress

Your jewelry should not be the star of show; it’s more of an important supporting character. So, make sure that the style, color, and the amount of jewelry you are wearing matches the style, cut and color of your dress.

To match the color of your dress to your jewelry, keep this in mind:

  • When wearing a White Gown stay away from gold; this might clash with the bright white hue. In this case, try going with pearl or platinum.

  • A Diamond-white Gown is a barely off-white color that works with many options such as gold, silver, rose gold and pearl. Any one of these will pair well with the dress.

  • The soft white shade of an Ivory Gown pair perfectly with gold jewelry to highlight the tint of cream in the fabric.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes “the more, the merrier” doesn’t apply. When choosing your wedding jewelry, don’t overdo it with a necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings, and hair accessories. You don’t want to steal the attention away from yourself and your wedding gown. Instead, choose one (or maybe two) accessories that really accent the beauty of the dress - and you, the bride.

Choose Something That You Like

Many times people choose the jewelry that their family or friends like to please them or something that is completely out of your comfort level. Remember that this is your special day and you should wear something you are most comfortable in and that makes you feel beautiful.

Bling your Bridesmaids

With your best girls at your side on your wedding day, do something nice and buy them a matching necklace or earrings for your big day. They have helped you plan, relieved some of your stress and spent a lot on a dress they will probably only wear once - they deserve to be rewarded for their effort.

Do your Research

Each jeweler offers different styles and name brands, different prices depending on the company and different standards on their employees’ knowledge of stones, styles and cuts. Remember that you always have options; look at customer reviews before you decide where you want to purchase your wedding jewelry.

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We hope you take these thoughts into consideration when looking for the perfect sparkle to your special day. Feel free to comment below and let us know of any helpful advice you may have!