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Wedding Entertainment On Your Big Day
May 22, 2014

Your wedding day; it’s the product of a lot of hoping, planning and choosing. A huge concern for most soon-to-wed couples is exactly what kind of entertainment to provide for guests. From photo booths to musical entertainment, these decisions tend to reflect the couple getting hitched...and there are a ton of different possible choices out there!

Here are a few ideas we have for throwing a killer wedding reception party!


Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, and there’s little wondering why. Guests can pile in, snap their photos and walk away with copies - and the bride and groom will receive digital copies of all of them!

Another rising star in the world of reception photography - Instagram. The popular smartphone app allows users to snap and upload photos and short videos on their own personal accounts, but also allows the option to #hashtag each one. This couple used their names as a hashtag, instructing guests to tag it to their photos so, after the wedding, they can look back on all the different photos and videos their guests took during the wedding and reception! For an extra fun touch, give your guests a scavenger hunt of different things to Instagram! Certainly a great way to showcase the essence of the celebration from many perspectives.

Flip cameras, handed out to guests, are also a great way to capture the wedding celebration from lots of different angles. Lots of people choose this in addition to having a professional videographer; sooner or later, your guests’ work might get a little, ah, sloppy - so it’s always a great idea to have a pro on the scene!


Musical entertainment is another huge decision that should reflect the personalities of the couple. For some, this could mean a professional DJ service. These guys will work with you to design a playlist that matches your tastes...and they’ll make sure to remove anything “typical” that might make it into a wedding reception. (Not everyone wants the chicken dance to make an appearance.)

Some folks go another route and look into hiring a band for live music. One of the more popular routes to take when it comes to live entertainment is the piano, and the CMWA highly recommends accomplished and experienced pianist Sharon Planer.  Sharon has two decades of performing for weddings, receptions, business functions and everything else under her belt, throughout the Twin Cities and central Minnesota. Sharon is easily one of the most seasoned wedding pianists in Minnesota, so be sure to include her in your big-day research process.

In short, there are no shortage of entertainment professionals in central Minnesota, so feel free to let the CMWA help you navigate toward exactly what you’re looking for; we’re here to help!

If this (and everything else implicit in planning your big day) seems overwhelming, consider this; there are consultants out there, waiting to help. Lighten the load by bringing one on board - they are sure to make your wedding dreams come true!