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Arrive Safe and "In Style"
May 27, 2014

You have dreamed of, you have planned, you have booked, and now your “Big Day” is almost here. Have you decided how you are going to arrive “in-style” for the most anticipated day of your life? A limousine, vintage car, party bus, or a horse-drawn carriage, may be the ride for you!

Many options are available; however, Limousines have become one of the most favored choices for wedding couples across the land. Whether your party is large or small, your style is elegant or relaxed, your budget is limited or extravagant; you have an array of choices at hand.

As with any choice there are pros and cons that you need to think about before booking your wedding transportation.

  • Work with a “reputable” company when choosing your transportation. Check their BBB rating (Better Business Bureau). Proper Licensing, Insurance, and Driver Qualifications are important! Your “safety” should be foremost in your mind.
  • Remember “size” matters. Choose an option that is comfortable for you and your wedding party. Look at the broad shoulders/height of your groomsmen and the fullness of the bride and bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • Reserve as “early” as possible. If your heart is set on a particular limousine or option; make sure to get your signature on the dotted line for your date and time. However, don’t assume there is nothing out there if you want to book the week before. You may be surprised what is still available.
  • Letting “cost” be the deciding factor in determining what type of transportation you choose or what company you work with may not be the best idea. Sometimes what appears to be a great price turns into a disappointment in the end. Do your homework here, details matter! Certain package options including, split time, all day, or minimum hour time frames may be worth your consideration. (Remember that the gratuity is usually an additional expense.)
  • Get a “written” confirmation sheet or contract. That way there is no misunderstanding as to when and where your transportation is needed. You may also want to re-confirm your reservation the week or so before your big day. Many companies welcome that and/ or choose to re-confirm with you.
  • “Understand” what you have reserved. Knowing what is included in your wedding package, Red Carpet Service, or what is customary with the company/vehicle you have chosen goes a long way in having a smooth ride.
  • How will the driver/chauffer be “dressed”? Most professional transportation companies have set attire for their personnel. Ask what your driver will be wearing.
  • Is “alcohol” included in the price? Many limousine companies provide non-alcoholic beverages along with the glassware set-up; however, MN State Statutes prohibit companies from providing alcoholic beverages. You may, however, bring in any type of alcoholic beverage that you wish. Some companies even offer the service of chilling and stocking your limo the day of your wedding. Just drop off your beverage choices a day or two before the big event. Pearl Limousine offers this at no charge but make sure you ask your transportation provider about any additional service charge.

Think about your “Wedding Guests” ride. If you are serving alcoholic beverages throughout your reception, it may be wise to provide a safe ride for your guests too. Some hotels and venues provide shuttle services but not all. Ask your transportation provider for their input. There are “economical” options available that could keep you from need- less worry and/or liability.

As you choose how you are going to ride on your very special day, keep in mind the little things. These “little things” are paramount to your special day! Be Safe and “Arrive In Style”!

Questions for your transportation provider

  • What type of vehicle do I want? 
  • Who do I want in the vehicle? (What about parents/grandparents?) 
  • How many hours will I need? 
  • When should I reserve? 
  • What is included? (Packages / Red Carpet Service) 
  • Should I think about “Wedding Guest” Transportation?