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Look Fabulous On Your Big Day
May 30, 2014

Tips for Beautiful Bridal Hair

  1. Six months before the wedding, have a major consultation with your stylist of choice. Bring along the headpiece (or a picture if you do not have it in hand yet) and the picture of the dress if possible. The more the stylist knows about the mood of the wedding, the better he or she can create the perfect hairstyle.
  2. Do not skip the trial hair style, think of it as a “dress rehearsal” for your hair. There should actually be a “test run” before the wedding day. 
  3. During the “test run,” walk around with the hairstyle you plan to wear to determine its comfort level and the longevity of your style.
  4. Consider the time of day and type of wedding when choosing a style. Loose romantic styles are great for an outdoor or more casual wedding. For a more elegant wedding, consider a more sleek style that is a bit more polished looking.
  5. Bring inspiration pictures with you for your trial run. It will save time with your stylist if you have an idea of what you want going into the practice appointment.
  6. Do not have any chemical treatments the day of the wedding. That is not the time for surprises.
  7. Hair color looks its best the first two weeks, so have your hair colored a week to two weeks before the wedding. But some colors take a few days to look picture perfect, so don’t try anything drastic a couple of days before the ceremony.
  8. Hair that is too fine or over-conditioned does not style well, so deep conditioning treatments should not be used within four days of the wedding. For best styling results, shampoo hair lightly the day before the wedding and, if possible, do not wash hair the day of the wedding.

Skin Care/Makeup

Getting your skin in shape for your wedding requires far more than just slapping on some makeup on the big day. Fresh and glowing skin takes months of preparation. Follow this easy-to-use timeline to plan accordingly. 

One Year Before Wedding:

  • Start a Skincare Regimen - If you don’t already, make sure you regularly wash and exfoliate your skin.
  • Drink Up! - Make sure you drink eight glasses of water per day - every day! It will keep you hydrated and your skin will look fresh and fabulous.
  • Makeup Trial - Find a makeup artist near you. Then, schedule a trial to see his/her work first hand. Discuss how you’d like to look on your wedding day and experiment with different styles. Make sure you click with the makeup artist before hiring.

A Few Months Before Wedding:

  • Get Facials - Start visiting a local spa or esthetician for once-a-month facials. These will help clean your pores and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Be Careful in the Sun - Always wear sunscreen - whether it’s a sunny day or not! It will keep your skin healthy for years to come.

The Week Before Wedding:

  • Eyebrow Waxing - Make sure you schedule your eyebrow grooming for at least a week before your wedding. Skin can get irritated from waxing, so make sure yours has time to heal.
  • Spray Tan - Schedule your spray tan for a few days before your wedding - not the day before in case of any not so fab results. Exfoliate before the spray tan so the results are applied evenly.

The Night Before:

  • Wash Off Your Makeup - Even if you partied hard at your rehearsal dinner, make sure you wash your face before you go to bed. You’ll want to start with a clean slate in the morning

The Morning Of:

  • Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize- Apply moisturizer generously. It’s better to have dewy skin in photos, than flat, flaky skin.

Use an eye cream that will help with puffy eyes and dark circles and place a cold pack on your eyes soaked in chamomile tea to calm puffiness down.

Courtesy of - Tressie Schneider Salon/Spa Owner – Fashion/Beauty Blogger – Author www.trendingwithtressie.com

Questions to ask when selecting your hair & makeup stylist

  • Can I see a portfolio of your work? 
  • What is the total cost and what does that include? Trial sessions, day of, extra items? 
  • What are your cancellation policies and reservation policies? 
  • How many people can you accommodate? 
  • What do you provide for refreshments, and could I bring in my own refreshments and breakfast? 
  • Do you have a group rate? 
  • What would you recommend for a hair and skin care regimen prior to my wedding? 
  • What does the trial hair and makeup appointment entail? 
  • What do I need to bring with me to the trial? 
  • How long do your services typically take? 
  • Where will the hair/make up session take place – both trial (typically at the salon) and day-of (on-site where you are getting ready or in salon )?
  • What items do I need to bring with me the day of my wedding?

Tipping Guide

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists: 15-20% of the total bill