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Love Rings True...
May 20, 2014

It’s your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. You and your spouse are sitting in front of a warm fire, sharing a bottle of wine. As you reach for your glass, your wedding ring glints in the soft sparkle of light. As you remember the promises you made to each other all those years ago and think fondly of the children that form your family, you feel joy, simple and huge, flow from within you. Every time you look at your wedding ring, you know that you have something lovely and real, steady and strong.

Wedding rings are so much more than the precious metal from which they are created. They are an everlasting reminder of the love shared and promises made between two people. Thus, it is important to choose the right rings that you can enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

Find the right jeweler for you. When shopping for wedding rings, you will most certainly have questions! Shop around and choose a jeweler that you feel comfortable with. The right jeweler will guide you through the process with openness and care, as well as provide you with ideas and suggestions, all with no pressure or obligation. The most important element is for you both to find rings that are absolutely perfect for you, rings that embody your inner spirit in precious metal. Start shopping for your wedding bands at least four months in advance of your wedding. This allows you plenty of time for adjustments and changes, just in case.

Explore many design options. Today, there is a plethora of design options available for both ladies’ and gentlemen’s bands. Traditionally, women wear an engagement ring to show their betrothal, then add a wedding band on their wedding day. Many engagement rings are offered with a matching wedding band; however, you aren’t limited to only one wedding band option. Your jeweler will help you find the perfect wedding band that will add beauty and grace to your wedding set without taking away from the exquisiteness of your engagement ring. 

Gentlemen’s wedding bands are offered in a wide array of precious and semi-precious metals with an abundance of style options in each. Whether you’re looking for something simple, flashy, rugged, trendy, or even camouflage, your jeweler will help you find the perfect wedding band that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Ask your jeweler to show you a variety of different design options, including various precious metal options and styles of diamond settings. Some jewelers also offer custom designed wedding bands, as well as technology that allows you to see what your wedding band will look like before it is created.

Ask about warranty and service. A reputable jeweler will offer a comprehensive warranty to you free of charge, as well as provide excellent service to you and your wedding rings for a lifetime. Wedding rings made of precious metals are durable, but not indestructible. Have your wedding rings checked a minimum of every six months to ensure that each facet stays in superior condition. 

Shopping for wedding rings is a fun and fulfilling process! Start by finding the right jeweler for you, and be sure to ask lots of questions so that you’re comfortable with every aspect. Wedding rings are constant and enduring, just like your love. From this day forward, every time you look at your wedding rings, you’ll be reminded of the depth of your love and the promises you’ll share for a lifetime. 

Questions to ask the jeweler:

  • When should we buy our wedding bands?
  • How do I insure my jewelry?
  • What are traditional wedding day gifts?
  • When do I need to solder my rings together? 
  • Can I get my rings engraved?
  • How often should I have my rings checked out? 
  • What is my warranty?
  • When should I purchase my wedding jewelry?