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Make An Impression!
May 21, 2014

When does the first impression of your wedding happen? At the church? At the reception? Actually, the true first impression happens when you formally ask your family and friends to join you on your special day – with your wedding invitations. You can create invitations that are uniquely yours.

The wedding invitations are your guest’s first glimpse of your wedding. They set the tone through design and specific color combinations, and suggest the event’s overall level of formality.

The first steps are to decide on the vision, the colors that you want integrated into the invite and the quantities needed. You may choose to create a traditional, formal wedding invite or a modern invite based on the wedding motif that you envision.

An invitation can consist of several customary elements: an outer envelope; the invitation; a reception card; a response card that is self-addressed or includes a self-addressed, unsealed envelope; an accommodations card; thank-you cards; and, in some cases if time allows, a save-the-date card or magnet. In designing a custom wedding invite, you will want to apply style and uniqueness to each piece, keeping them all socially correct and applying wedding invite etiquette as well. They can be worded and arranged in countless ways to reflect the style of the occasion. You should integrate your wedding colors into your invitations to tie your theme together.

There are a large variety of ink colors, type styles and paper to choose from to create a unique wedding ensemble. In designing a custom invitation, please allow enough time for the actual design, proofing, printing, assembling, addressing and mailing. Invitations should be mailed out six to eight weeks prior to your big day. Request RSVPs with the response card two to three weeks prior to the event. Remember to order at least 25 extra for last minute guest additions, mistakes and to have a couple for keepsakes. Creating a custom wedding collection will truly be a personal reflection of your special day! They will create your love story from the first impression to “I Do.”