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Wedding Trends
May 29, 2014

Why Not a Friday Wedding and Reception? Wedding receptions on Friday evenings are becoming more and more popular.. No more hair appointments at 6:00 a.m. ..... imagine being able to sleep in on your wedding day too.

Friday evening weddings provide a time line that runs later in the day and allows you more time to accomplish those wedding day tasks. You can start the day with a brunch with your brides maids and groomsmen, perhaps even a round of golf or a day at the spa. Another added plus to a Friday wedding and reception leaves you the option to plan a Saturday BBQ or gift opening and leaves your guests with a more convenient travel schedule.

Reception venues also typically offer reduced food and beverage minimums and room rental fees for your Friday evening celebration. Imagine the unique possibilities when you plan a Friday wedding and reception.

Out with rustic - In with 20’s glamour!
It is no secret that the “Rustic Wedding” was very popular last year and even into this year! Mason jars, burlap, barns, and DIY were among many popular items, however, 2013-14 has a new look to uphold! This year’s trends are seeming to show a 1920’s formal look and we are very excited!

Out with Candy Bars - In with Creative Desserts!
We have loved the dessert/candy bars, however, we are also loving the new “sweet” trends to come! From individual cakes, to popcorn bars, to ice cream trucks, creativity is IN. Brides are showing us that the possibilities are endless and are using desserts as a way to showcase their sweet tooth! Yum.

Color, Color, Color!
Brides are using color! Whether or not it is in their shoes, in their bouquet, or in their linens, color is here for 2013! While many are still upholding the traditional white bouquets, many brides are using pops of color to express their theme or style! This is also being applied in their shoes, groom’s socks, and even in wedding decor! Color is a great way to brand your wedding and even showcase your favorite hues.

Food For Thought

Catering has skyrocketed in creativity over the past few years and continues on into the upcoming wedding trends! From mini-food, to food stations, to upscale displays, couples are getting very creative with the presentation of their food! Even late night snacks are coming back into trend! trend! We are loving this because it is a fabulous way to set your wedding apart and show your creativity with food themes and flavors.

Other Helpful Information

Questions for the Officiant:

  • Are there any documents you should bring to your first meeting?
  • Does the officiant or church have any special rules or restrictions? 
  • Does the officiant require premarital counseling, either from the officiant or elsewhere? 
  • Does the officiant charge a ceremony fee? How much? 
  • When will the rehearsal be? 
  • If you are planning the ceremony at the church of a pastor, find out what the church provides and what you need to provide 

Questions for the Caterer:

  • Will the caterer provide wait staff? How many people will each waiter serve/work the buffet?
  • Will the wait staff be able to set out place cards and centerpieces, or will you need to find someone else to take care of that? 
  • Who will oversee the event on the day of your wedding? 
  • Will the caterer attractively present the food on the plate or in the buffet tray Can you see examples of past work?
  • Are there extra charges that will be included with the final cost: security deposit, sales tax, gratuity, or bar fees?
  • Does the caterer charge for cake cutting? 
  • Where will the food be prepared?