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What do you Need to Make your Wedding Day Perfect? A Wedding Planner!
July 16, 2014

Every wedding, big or small, is fated to be full of complications. The guest list is ever growing. You can’t decide what should be on the dinner menu. The venue you’re set on is booked solid. The florist called to say that the flowers you want are out of season and you're just a month away from your wedding date. Are you finding yourself slowly turning into bridezilla?

Rest assured; you’re definitely in good company.

From scheduling photoshoots, to booking the venue, caterer, and everything in between, more brides than ever are turning to the expert - a wedding planner.

Yes, a wedding consultant is an extra expense, but for many, the stress relieving potential is invaluable.

If you’re still on the fence, let’s look at what a consultant has to offer.


This might be your first rodeo, but a wedding consultant has devoted their career to making countless wedding dreams reality. They’ve got not only the skills, but the practical experience with exactly what needs to be done, and when. In the emotional haze in the lead up to your big day, they’re the calm, rational, organized person who will catch the little things you might overlook or forget.


Is your Pinterest page loaded to the gills with wedding ideas? Do some of your design ideas conflict with one another? The fact is, a bride-to-be might get so excited, their focus could be all over the map. This is another way for your consultant to step in and save the day. They’ll keep you focused by presenting you with themes and decor all perfectly matched...and in line with  your own personal style.


With experience come connections; your consultant already has their short list of favorite florists, strategies for booking even the most coveted venues, the best caterers and cake shops, and everything in between. Even better? A good consultant knows this world so well, they’ll be able to get you great rates and help you stay within your budget!


The build-up to your wedding day will undoubtedly stir up more emotions than you thought you had. And frankly, we don’t always make the best decisions in the throes of emotion. With a consultant, you get a strong, informed and clear-headed opinion on everything! So, if you and your future partner find yourselves disagreeing on something, you’ll have a professional third-party opinion who might just deliver the perfect compromise!

Human Calendar.

The endless whirlwind of appointments, consultations and tastings might overwhelm you, but they don’t phase a good wedding planner; they’ll help you set and stick to a tight, effective schedule, and keep you from overbooking and losing your mind!

Crisis Management.

Yeah, this sounds a little dramatic, but like we’ve said, this is a big, momentous occasion in your life, and it’s bound to get you a little worked up at some point. So, as you hit those bumps along the road to wedded bliss, you can count on your consultant to keep you level-headed!


Hiring a consultant may cost you a little extra, but admit it; you'd probably have a hard time sticking to the budget anyway. Left to your own devices, as the day approaches, you’ll probably add even more to the wish list. Your consultant will help you combat that by helping you come up with a budget-friendly wedding plan, and keep you on track. And, this will make the little extra you spent well worth it.

So, clearly there are strong reasons why more people are turning to wedding consultants; check out our carefully curated list of the best in central Minnesota. Who knows; after saying “yes,” hiring your own planner could be the best decision you make!