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Seven Trending Wedding Ideas
August 20, 2014

Each year, we diligently uncover the hottest wedding trends we can find, and like usual, there are many that steal our breath and make us smile..

Here are a few we’ve picked up on via the blogosphere and Pinterest; check it out.

Rustic, country style. Found on Wedding Chicks, this is a perfect example of a table setting scheme reflecting one of the hottest wedding trends around - the rustic, country wedding.


Including ALL members of the family! From engagement photos to the actual ceremony, more new couples are finding clever and adorable ways to include the four-legged members of their new family in the festivities. This was a favorite photo, found on the Exclusively Weddings Blog


De-socialized weddings. Let’s face it; too many of us are a little too obsessed with digital communication. So, a lot of couples are piloting a new idea. They’re asking their guests to deposit their smartphones in a kind-of phone coat-check area. That way, the happy couple is completely in control of pictures and videos of their big day - and guests aren’t distracted by Facebook updates. Image courtesy of Estate.


And the bride wore… The internet experts are lauding a shift away from the traditional pure white wedding dress in favor of variations. Most notably, soft pink and eggshell have been making a splash, but other favorites include cream, ivory, oatmeal, and even gray hues. This photo is brought to us by Mestad's Pinterest page.


Glitz and glamor. We’ve already dug into the popularity of the rustic wedding, and this trend is a bit of a twist on a return to old fashioned design. Lots of couples are veering toward what has been described as “Hollywood style” - lots of shiny gold accents, twinkling lights, ornate candlesticks, elegant place settings,etc. Thanks to stylemepretty.com for the gorgeous image.


Flowers not just as centerpieces. Blooms are making appearances in a whole bunch of different ways this year, but a favorite? Flowers braided into gorgeous hair styles. Here’s one we adore, found on repinly.com


Rose gold. Last, but not least, we’ve noticed an upswelling of breathtaking rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands. That’s because they’re extremely popular this season - and we think it’s because of the beautiful, antique vibe it gives off. These particular examples were gleaned from J.F. Kruse and D.J. Bitzen Jewlers.


So, that’s a snapshot of what’s trending in the world of weddings. Any of these appeal to you? Let us know!


And of course, anything you need, we’re here to help. Reach out to one of our amazing wedding planning services to learn about how to make your wedding dreams - no matter how complex -  a reality.