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The Need to Know Guide for your Wedding Day: Venues, Reception and Catering
September 19, 2014

There are so many elegant details to arranging your wedding - the flowers, the dress, the decor. There are also a whole batch of “big picture” decisions - literally.

When it comes to selecting a venue - ceremony, reception and both - it’s important to hone in on your specific needs.

Here are a few things, and questions, to kickstart your thought process when it comes to your wedding’s location.

SPACE. Frankly, this is the big one. Getting to your wedding destination, only to find a shortage of room to hold all your guests...well, that would really put a damper on things. Make sure the venue you choose can guarantee a maximum capacity number, and try to stay well underneath it for sanity’s sake. We have a whole bunch of trusted and beloved venues for all sizes of weddings to get you started.  

TYPE. Inside? Outside? Most of us have a strong preference when it comes to this aspect of location, but in case of poor weather, you might want to pick something with options. If you’re planning a wedding at a park or another outdoor venue, do you have a structure that will suffice? It may not be the ideal...but standing in the rain during your ceremony or reception probably isn’t either. Likewise, think about what you’d like around you if you choose an inside ceremony. Lots of popular wedding venues offer garden areas, pavilions and other exits so your guests can get a little air without standing on a sidewalk.

SOUND. Does the venue offer an acoustically balanced environment? As a space starts to fill with voices and bodies, it has the potential to become an echo chamber. You don’t want you or your guests to miss a single moment during your ceremony, so communicate with your venue staff about what the room sounds like, and what you can do to keep it light, soft and easily audible during those all-important “I do’s.”

PROXIMITY. If you’re plotting a wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue, (a perennially popular choice) then this isn’t a concern. If you’re not, then consider distance and ease of travel between your two locations - especially taking into consideration your out-of-town guests. You may even want to include a map between point A and B to hand out!

FOOD/CATERING. What kind of space does your reception area include? Is there a kitchen area for food prep, or should everything be done in advance? Are there serving areas or equipment already in the building, or will you need to rent it? Keep in mind - there are caterers and professionals who can accommodate any space and it’s particular needs- you only have to focus on whatever reception spot feels right to you!

Of course, this is only a snapshot of the questions to ask when preparing for your big day, and we don’t expect you to know the answers right away. That’s why we’re here to help- let us know how we and our vendors can help craft that special day of your dreams.