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Signature Cocktail Success
November 01, 2015

Are you considering hosting a customized Signature Cocktail at your upcoming wedding reception?  A Signature Cocktail is a unique and fun way to incorporate a personalized touch for your big day.  Choosing a specific specialty drink to host for your guests is a nice addition to the typical beer and wine offerings.  A Signature Cocktail can also be a budget friendly option for offering liquor without the price tag of a hosted bar which typically offers multiple liquors at multiple price tags.  

Signature Cocktail.jpg

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Signature Cocktail success:

1.      Contact your reception venue, catering coordinator, and/or beverage service provider to confirm that a Signature Cocktail is an option for your reception.  Ask if there are any regulations regarding this type of beverage service and if the vendor will provide the supplies or if you will need to.  You may also want to inquire if the vendor has specialty glasses to serve the cocktail in or if this is something you will need to provide.  These reception professionals will likely have ideas and feedback for you to consider as well based on their previous experience.

2.      Customize the Signature Cocktail to reflect the unique couple that you are.  A few specific details to consider are:

a.       Name: A custom name is a great way to personalize your cocktail.  The name could be a combination of your names or it could be an ode to a mutual hometown, the place where you first met, or a favorite sports team. 

b.      Color: Is your wedding color or accent color one that could be featured as the color of your Signature Cocktail?  Red, Blush, Blue, Green, Orange and Tan are easy colors to work with.

c.       Season: Seasonal liquor and mixer flavors might be something to consider featuring in your Signature Cocktail.

d.      Type: Personalizing the liquor choice to one of your favorite drinks would be fitting or perhaps the drink you ordered on your first date.  You might also want to consider a drink choice that is sure to please a wide variety of your guests.  Popular crowd pleasers include: Sangria, Flavored Vodka, Fruity Martinis, Champagne Mixers, Flavored Mojitos, or Rum Punch.

e.       Specialty Glass: Martini Glass, Champagne Flute, Mason Jars, and more!  The glass options are endless for featuring your special drink.

Color Coordinating Celebration Straws at a recent wedding reception at the Crown Room Banquet Center in Rogers, MN.

Color Coordinating Celebration Straws at a recent wedding reception at the Crown Room Banquet Center in Rogers, MN.

3.      Brainstorm ways to display this hosted beverage option to your guests.  Chalkboards and wooden pallets are very in right now.  Customized frames are another great option.

A Signature Cocktail is a fun way to get the reception celebration started!  The possibilities are endless!  With these tips you are sure to find the right choice that will complement your unique vision and keep your guests raving for more!