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Where Does Videography Fall on Your List of MUST HAVE Wedding Vendors?
December 03, 2015

When it comes to capturing all the details of your wedding day, many couples place value in hiring a professional photographer.  After all, most couples spend months and months and months researching, planning, dreaming, budgeting, and fine tuning every small detail of their big day.  It’s not surprising that a bride-or-groom-to-be would want to capture all of the efforts and emotions of the wedding celebration. 

What is surprising is that engaged couples seem to place less value on professional videography.  Wedding videography seems to be one of those items that are easily removed when trying to trim wedding expenses.  However, by talking to recently married couples, I have heard time and time again that not hiring a professional videographer for their wedding day was one of the few regrets recently married couples have.  To save you from feeling similar regret, here are a number of items to keep in mind when considering professional wedding videography:

Professional videography will capture the best memories from your big day in moving time.  All of the important moments from the precious time spent preparing in the morning with your closest friends and family, to the moment you see your soon-to-be-spouse for the first time, to the highly anticipated walk down the aisle, can be captured in real, moving time that walks right along beside you.  All of the emotions and details are captured to be treasured for a lifetime.

Your wedding video will certainly become a treasured keepsake.  Something you can watch again and again to relive the awesome celebration you created.  Reliving your wedding day moments is a fantastic way to spend each wedding anniversary and can become a great reminder of the love you shared with each other on that day.  Future children and/or grandchildren will also enjoy being able to look back in time to see you on this special day.

Wedding videography can create a time capsule of exactly how you are right now, on this special day as well as how your guests, family, and friends are right now.  Some people will move away following your wedding, while others grow older, and some may pass away.  Your wedding time capsule will hold precious memories of all of those who surrounded you in support to celebrate the love you share as you are joined in marriage.

Your wedding video will not only allow you to see all of the big moments of your day but will also allow you to HEAR those moments and feel the emotions surrounding this special day.  Being able to hear your conversations with your closest friends, listen to the words your father says as he gives you away, being able to relive your vows to one another over and over again, and listening to the words of support, advice, and encouragement from your guests is priceless.

The moments of your wedding day will pass by so quickly.  There may be guests you don’t get a chance to talk to, details you miss, and little moments that pass by too quickly to remember.  I strongly encourage you to consider making the investment in a professional wedding videographer to capture these moments for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Central Minnesota Wedding Association member Aaron Chalich of Epic Productions is a professional, experienced wedding videographer.  Aaron prides himself on providing quality videography, discretely, and affordably.  Aaron uses high quality HD cameras and wireless microphones and is able to edit and create your professional video quickly following your big day.  For more information on Epic Productions, please visit http://www.epicpro.org/newwed.html.

The Central Minnesota Wedding Association also has a number of talented, professional photographers that would be thrilled to capture the moments of your special day through photography.  For a listing of professional wedding photographers in the Central Minnesota area, please visit http://www.idoido.org/vendors/.