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Central Minnesota Wedding Jewelry Trends
December 30, 2015

The sparkling lights of the Holiday Season have inspired us to delve into the equally sparkling wedding vendor category of Jewelers.  Holiday lights have a way of lighting up the Holiday season.  Similarly, beautiful jewelry has a way of lighting up your life and certainly your special event/occasion.  Wedding jewelry in Central Minnesota is a significant category to consider.  Obviously, wedding jewelry includes engagement rings but also wedding bands and wedding party jewelry for your special day.  Local experts, Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers and Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers have taken time to share their expertise on trends they are seeing in wedding jewelry as well as what to look for in a professional jeweler in the following interview:

What trends are you currently seeing for engagement rings?

“Vintage styles continue to top the trend charts, including ring designs that feature a halo surrounding the center diamond to really make it pop.  We’re also seeing an increase in criss-crossing, asymmetrical designs because of their uniqueness.

Yellow gold is making a huge comeback, and many brides are choosing this color of precious metal to be different from their friends.  Rose gold also continues to increase in popularity, especially in two-toned designs combined with white gold or platinum.  While white gold and platinum still comprise the majority of engagement ring choices, the warmth of yellow and rose gold are increasing in popularity.

Women today want their rings to be unique – they don’t want the same ring as their mother or friend or sister.  Most brides want to find a way to make their rings their own – choosing the center diamond, adding a birthstone to the profile, or custom designing an unusual wedding band.  This trend, above all others, is increasing in popularity.  We all try to be different in other areas of our lives – the covers on our smart phones, the little accessories we add to our outfits to make them our own.  Our wedding rings are no different.  We want them to express who we are as individuals and as a couple.  We want to be reminded of our love for each other and the story behind that love every time we look at them.  The biggest trend we’re seeing is couples asking how they can personalize their wedding rings to make them their own.  A good jeweler will make great suggestions based on who the couple is and what their needs are.” 

Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers

What trends are you currently seeing for wedding bands?

“Diamond wedding bands, all day long!  About half of our customers opt for a second wedding ring worn on the opposite side to balance out the appearance, one wedding band on each side of the engagement ring.  Men are choosing 14Kt gold or platinum patterned bands, bands with diamonds or unique materials such as carbon fiber—something with style elements rather than a plain band.  They like the eternal feel of wearing gold or platinum as well as the versatility and wide availability styles.”

Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers

What trends are you currently seeing for wedding jewelry?

“Pearls are classic and traditional and continue to be popular for many brides.  They provide a beautiful subtle glow to enhance any wedding gown without taking attention away from the bride.  They also provide a great look at affordable prices.  Many brides are also choosing to give matching pearl earrings to their wedding party to complete the look.

Many grooms present their bride-to-be with a diamond pendant or earrings the day of the wedding to wear for the ceremony, as well as after the wedding.  This creates a beautiful, special moment for the two to share, as well as allows the bride to remember that moment and their wedding day every time she wears this jewelry after the big day.

Some brides are choosing colored gemstone jewelry to tie in the color of the bridesmaid dresses.  Most brides choose a color for their bridesmaid dresses based on her own preferences, so purchasing wedding jewelry with the same color ensures that they’ll wear the jewelry again and again.

Most brides in the Midwest believe less is more when it comes to wedding jewelry.  They want elegant, feminine jewelry that doesn’t detract from their ring or their dress.  At J. F. Kruse, we have a wide selection of wedding jewelry to choose from, and we can order or create just about anything.  From the simple to the splashy to the never-before-seen styles, we help brides every day find the wedding jewelry that reflects who they are.”

Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers


What recommendations do you have for someone considering a proposal?

“Check out her Pinterest page—no doubt she has some ideas for the style she’d like.  In most cases, any rings she may have shown you contain elements she loves, not necessarily that exact style.  Many couples shop together to get some initial ideas, while women pre-shop and enjoy trying on rings to find their favorite style.  Ladies, snap some photos of your favorite styles and take notes on what you like.” 

Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers


 What recommendations do you have for couples planning their wedding jewelry or wedding bands?

“First, start shopping for your wedding bands no later than four months in advance of your wedding date.  This gives you the opportunity to think it through, as well as to make sure that any specially ordered or customized bands are completed on time.  It also helps ensure that your wedding rings will fit perfectly prior to your wedding day as your jeweler will have time to make any final last-minute adjustments.

Next, check out Pinterest and the website of your jeweler.  Both will have images and ideas of what is currently trending, as well as some wedding band ideas that are more unusual and distinctive.

Have an open mind.  If you have your heart set on a specific style of wedding band, great!  If not, ask your jeweler for ideas and suggestions – a good designer will offer style ideas that reflect who you are.

Work with a jeweler that can personalize your rings. Other than memories and photos, there are very few things that you actually get to take from your wedding day and carry into your new life together.  For instance, set the birthstone of the month you were married subtly on the profile of your wedding rings.  If you started dating on the 28th of the month, set 28 diamonds into your ring.  Engrave your favorite bible verse, movie quote, or song lyric on the inside of your wedding bands.  There are countless fun, cost-effective, unexpected ways to make your rings just yours, and a good, creative jeweler will help guide you and find the right way to make your rings your own.

Remember that the flowers fade, food gets eaten, and decorations get packed away - your rings are a constant reminder of your love and you’ll have them forever.  If budget is a concern, ask your jeweler what you can do to get the rings you want within your budget.  Don’t sacrifice what you really want – remember that you’ll be wearing your rings for the rest of your life, and you may even pass them down to your children and grandchildren someday.  Make them something you’ll be proud to pass down to future generations.”

Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers


What is your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

“It’s exciting to think that someone will fall in love with this diamond and it becomes such an important part of them.  It’s the first “step” in their new lives together.  It’s what she will show off to all her friends and family.  An engagement ring is what he’ll be proud for her to wear.  Someday, she will be in her car, stopped at a stoplight and a glint of sparkle will catch her eye—bringing her back to the day she said “yes.”  When she has children and grandchildren of her own, they will admire the work of art she’s wearing on her finger—3 billion years in the making.  Pretty powerful stuff.”

Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers


What type of individual/couple works best with you?

“We love working with clients who want distinctive, unique jewelry that reflects who they are individually and as a couple.  Wedding rings in particular are very personal to a couple, and we love working with people who want rings that express who they are.  There are lots of jewelry stores who sell the same styles of rings as one another, and there’s nothing wrong with that – at J. F. Kruse, we love to be different, and we love working with people who want their wedding rings to be theirs and no one else’s.  We love to learn the story behind each relationship and help the couple find beautiful, distinctive rings that reflect who they are.”

Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers

Bitzan and Kelley share a little about their styles and specialties:

“Our specialty is engagement rings and hand-selected diamonds.  We have over 700 real diamond engagement rings in our store.  We work directly with our diamond cutters to hand-select each of our diamonds for their own unique brilliance and sparkle—making D.J. Bitzan diamonds affordable and special.  We are very particular on which diamonds we choose for our store.”

Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers


“At J. F. Kruse Jewelers, we believe in enriching the lives of others.  We believe in showing others that their special moments, their ideas, and their stories are important and valuable.  Everything we do and every decision we make centers around this belief.

We do this through cultivating an experience that allows us to share our spirit, learn the story of every guest, and add sparkle to the lives of everyone we meet.  To us, learning the story of every guest is paramount in helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry.  Our team loves getting to know each client on a personal level and listening to their needs.  Our primary goal is to find, design, or create jewelry that reflects the story and personality of every guest that they can enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

We believe we are more than a jewelry store.  We work hard to provide distinctive, high-quality jewelry and world class service that reflects the story of every guest.  For us, being a part of enriching the lives of the brides in this community through the services provided by the CMWA is simply a reflection of who we are. 

As a store, custom design is our specialty.  Nothing brings us more joy than to work closely with a customer, listen to their needs and desires, and create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry just for them that reflects who they are and represents the love they share.  While most jewelers outsource their custom design services, we at J. F. Kruse complete the entire process in-house, from the initial sketches to the wax model to casting to polishing and finishing.  We have four exceptionally talented goldsmiths, a fantastic wax carver, and a brilliant designer, all of whom work hard and take utmost care to ensure that every piece is perfect created and that custom client is absolutely thrilled with their finished design.  We believe that it is our job to listen to our customers; therefore, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything that we design and create – if for any reason a customer is unhappy with their finished piece, we will recreate it for them for free.

Jewelry captures the inner spirit and embodies it in precious metals and gemstones, and no one understands that better than our team at J. F. Kruse.  Whether someone is looking to spend $20, $2,000, or $20,000 we listen to them and learn their story in order to provide them with world class service every time they walk through our doors.”

Melissa Kelley, owner and President of J. F. Kruse Jewelers

What makes you unique or stand out from your competition?

“Having been in this business for 50 years, we are in our third generation of ownership.  People get a consistent, positive experience every time they enter our store.  Our selection is unbeatable—there are no other jewelers in the area (and likely in the state) that have as comprehensive of a selection of real diamonds in their showroom. 

We have had an incredible, industry leading Forever Free Warranty since 2007. We guarantee the craftsmanship of every engagement ring and offer FREE cleanings, sizing and repair ANYTIME you wish.  We want your ring to last forever.”

Erin Bitzan, Fashion Buyer and Vice President of D.J. Bitzan Jewelers


A huge thank you to D.J. Bitzan Jewelers and J. F. Kruse Jewelers for sharing their time, talent, and expertise with us!  Central Minnesota is lucky to have these two outstanding jewelers so close to home and the Central Minnesota Wedding Association is proud to call them members!  Their passion for their industry is obvious and we hope you have an opportunity to work with them as your choose your wedding bands, wedding gifts, wedding day jewelry and beyond.  For more information please visit: http://www.djbitzan.com/ and http://www.jfkrusejewelers.com/.