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How to Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangement for your Wedding
April 15, 2015

When planning a wedding, it may seem as if there are a million things to be done. Choosing the perfect flower arrangement for your wedding may seem like an easy, last minute decision, but can have multiple factors, making it one of the most difficult. We have some helpful tips that will make choosing your flowers a seamless process:


-Be confident in your choice: The vast number of choices and complexities in flower arrangements can throw any bride for a loop. Be choosy with your flowers; visit each florist personally and flip through their photo books of past flower arrangements to be sure that their work is in line with your vision. You want to choose something that works well with your theme and your vision for the wedding.


-Do your research: There are many types of flowers that many of us don’t realize exist. Find your favorite kind of flower by looking at gardening and bridal magazines. This will be a great place to start gathering ideas to set the tone in your own arrangement- even walking through your nearest greenhouse or community garden can help to spark some ideas.


-Communicate with your florist: They want to know the setting, location, theme, colors, and overall feel of the event to best understand your wishes for the big day. Bring swatches of the bridesmaid dresses (and even your dress) to help with matching. Also, tell them what you don’t like. The more information you offer your florist, the easier it will be to create the perfect arrangement for you. Be prepared to have an open communication with the florist and ask plenty of questions.


-Watch your budget.  Flower arrangements typically take up 10-20% of the weddings overall budget. To help save money, consider arrangements that you can use for both the ceremony and the reception. Be honest with the florist if something is over your price range. The florist will help you look for alternatives that are just as unique and beautiful. Keep in mind that seasonal flowers will always cost less.


-Have an idea of what you want your arrangements to look like. Come with an idea in mind to help narrow down arrangement types. Then, have the florists create a mock up arrangement so that you’ll have an idea of whether it is truly what you want or not. Remember, less is more with flowers. Flowers are the splash of color at your wedding to pull everything together and to make them pop. Don’t go overboard with too many flowers and colors, otherwise it will take away from the overall setting.


-Try an artificial arrangement. Another great option for choosing flowers for your wedding is going with an artificial arrangement. There are endless ways to create a gorgeous artificial bouquet and make it your own. Our vendors are experts in creating a design that your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference from a real bouquet. The best part? Less mess and you can use them again at a later date!

We offer many vendors that we have worked with for years, and know that they are top-notch in their field. If you are looking for local florists to make your dream bouquet, contact one of our members to ensure a perfect floral arrangement by helpful, professional florists. Whether choosing Live, Laugh & Bloom Floral, Amore Decor Wedding & Event Consignment Store, Freeport Floral, Buffalo Floral and Landscaping, St. Cloud Floral, Crafts Direct, Bridal Aisle Wedding Consignment, or I Do Two Bridal & Consignment, our members will make choosing your perfect set of flowers an enjoyable time, not a stressful one. Leave it up to us to create your perfect arrangement that will bring everything in your wedding day together.