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Wedding Hair Dos and Don'ts
June 15, 2015

Soul mate? Check. Perfect dress? Check. Fool-proof beauty look? Well . . . about that. Your hairstyle is a big component of your wedding day look, so of course you want it—along with everything else—to be perfect. Whether you want a classic up-do or two different styles to transition from the ceremony to reception, Mantra Salon and Spa, a CMWA Member, can help you achieve your dream look with their excellent professional stylists and a few dos and don’ts of wedding day hair.

Do: Stay True to Your Personal Style

For the most memorable day of your life, you want to look beautiful and feel like the best version of yourself. Resist a stiff up-do if you normally wear your hair natural. Stay away from an intricate braid if you have never worn one. On a similar note, be conscious of too trendy hairstyles. You’ve seen pictures of teased bangs, poofy hair, and frosted pink lips that instantly date to the 80s, and you don’t want your wedding pictures to negatively stand out in 20 years. Make sure you are not a trend victim, and keep a check on pastel hair colors, forehead headbands, and other trendy hairstyles.

Do: Find a Hairstylist

Your hairstyle is a major component of your wedding day look, and having a professional work on it will be one less thing you have to worry about on your big day. Ask your personal hairstylist and see if they or a recently married friend can refer a professional who specializes in evening styles and up-dos.

Do: A Trial Run With Pictures

This will give the best chance of seeing how your hair will look on the big day. Schedule a trial a few weeks before your wedding day and come prepared. Go to the consultation with your dress neckline and wedding season in mind, and bring visual reminders to best communicate what you envision. Be open to suggestions. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you both come up with.

Do: Accessories

Veils, pins, headbands, glitzy headpieces, tiaras, extensions, braids, floral headpieces- the list of hairstyles and accessories could go on forever. If accessorizing is part of your beauty routine, don’t overlook adding one to your wedding day hairstyle

Do: Be Prepared

Remember the opening scene from ‘The Wedding Planner’ where Jennifer Lopez seamlessly fixes every last minute emergency with her flawless tool kit? Assign a bridesmaid with this task and have them focus on a beauty emergency kit that includes bobby pins, small combs and brushes, hairspray, and dry shampoo. In case your hair stylist cannot be present at the ceremony, you’ll be thankful to be prepared.

Don’t: Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Wedding planning can be enough to drive anyone crazy, so make sure to take the time to enjoy it and take care of yourself in the midst of the craze. This will reflect in your attitude and body. Relax, keep a healthy diet and fitness schedule, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. For your hair, use a restorative and conditioning hair treatment the week before your wedding so your hair will be moisturized, healthy, and vibrant for the big day.

Don’t: Surprise Your Hairstylist

For your trial and for your wedding day, arrive prepared. Make sure any drastic hair changes are done a few weeks prior to your trial and show up to your appointments with natural hair that is not straightened, curled, or wet. Surprises for your hairstylist may mean major delays. On a similar note, while you are getting your beauty look done on your big day, wear a button down shirt or tank top that you can easily take off without undoing your do.


Your hairstyle should fit with your personal style and your dream wedding. Mantra Salon and Spa can help you develop your dream wedding beauty look and can provide any choice cut, color, extensions, and hair rejuvenation treatments to help achieve your look. Mantra Salon and Spa will help you make jaws drop and look simply stunning. Check out their website today for available wedding packages.