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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon
July 20, 2015

Your special day is right around the corner and you know what that means- the end of nightmarish wedding planning! The “big get-away” is a celebration of you and your spouse’s new life with each other and a chance to travel somewhere to relieve stress and enjoy true love! The only question is how do you plan the perfect honeymoon?

You searched online for “the best places to have a honeymoon” and you’ve asked your friends and relatives what destinations they recommend, but why? We all have different interests, so just because they had a great time does not mean you will have the same luck. Make the experience creative and original, not a cookie-cutter experience to make your friends or family happy.

Everyone Wins
Just because it’s a honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to spend it in the sand! It doesn’t make sense to schedule a trip that only you or your spouse will like. Instead, plan a destination that will satisfy the both of you. Spend the day visiting a historical site and then go to a seafood restaurant with a beautiful view of the ocean, or take a hike along a rocky path and have a picnic- the important part is fitting your interests into your first vacation as a married couple.

Know the Climate
Could you imagine how horrible it would be to travel to the Caribbean for your honeymoon and it rained the entire time because you went during hurricane season? It never hurts to do your research online to ensure Mother Nature doesn’t ruin your romantic getaway!

Ask For Help
If you’re busy, stressed out, and on the verge of a meltdown because of your wedding, don’t strain yourself even more by trying to add planning the perfect honeymoon to your list. We recommend the travel agents over at Destination Vacation because they will work with you to find out what is important to you! Asking for help can be a huge stress relief, especially when you are seeking help from professionals who are going to make sure that your honeymoon is memorable and goes off without a hitch.

After “I Do”, Your marriage should start off on the right foot by having a honeymoon that captivates everything you love about each other. Remember that the purpose of a honeymoon is to celebrate the next step in your relationship and prepare yourself for an amazing life together.