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Sweet Treats For Your Big Day
February 03, 2016

I think it might be appropriate to begin this blog post with an honest disclaimer: I am a dessert fanatic!  When the opportunity arose for me to feature Wedding Cakes, obviously I was ecstatic.  In my opinion, no good meal is complete without that sweet treat at the end (or at the beginning, for those of us who would prefer to start with dessert first).

The neat thing about wedding cakes today is that there are no rules.  You can choose something traditional or something trendy, in virtually any color you could imagine.  You don’t even have to do a cake as many couples are opting for dessert options other than cake nowadays.  Lynn Schurman, owner of the Cold Spring Bakery shares a number of wedding trends she is currently seeing in her bakery, “Wedding desserts- not always cakes. Everything from dessert tables with mini desserts to pies, donuts and cookies.  With the wedding cakes, buttercream is back in style and we are doing more of the rustic looking cakes along with the naked cakes which just have icing between the layers and nothing on the sides.”

The thing I love about dessert, whether it is an actual cake, a dessert table, or something more unique, is that it can really be a feature of your wedding reception.  You can tie your cake or dessert into your theme or colors, your personality, or your history as a couple.  Dessert provides a fun (and delicious!) opportunity to tie all of your wedding reception details together.

Dessert isn’t the only way to tie sweet treats into your wedding reception either.  Many couples choose to offer guests something sweet as a party favor.  While unique, non-edible party favors can be cute, they are not always a practical use of wedding funds.  However, almost every guest is sure to appreciate an edible gift.  Whether you offer a sweet treats table, a trail mix bar, or something you individually place at each place setting, the edible party favor options are endless!  Owner Lynn Schurman shares popular party favors they create at the Cold Spring Bakery, “Cookies and cake pops are still the most popular options but we've also done donut balls and truffles.”

Whatever your wedding dessert dreams may be, be sure to check out the Cold Spring Bakery for delicious and affordable wedding cake and dessert options.  Bakery owner Lynn Schurman describes what makes her business unique, “At the Cold Spring Bakery, we provide a full line of wedding desserts- not just wedding cakes- and we are always looking for new ideas and options that we can make for our brides. We always want to be able to offer the latest trends in cakes or desserts-- we want to be cutting edge for the brides that are looking for that but we always keep the old favorites for those brides looking for a traditional cake or dessert.”  We are proud to call the Cold Spring Bakery a professional member of the Central Minnesota Wedding Association!  For additional information, please visit: http://www.coldspringbakery.com/.