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Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Travel
August 10, 2016

Are you planning a honeymoon?  Or planning to ditch the traditional wedding planning experience for a destination wedding?  The popularity of both honeymoons and destination weddings is on the rise.  We’ve taken a few moments to talk with Nichole Winter, honeymoon and destination wedding travel expert and owner of Destination Vacation Travel, to learn about what’s trending in wedding and honeymoon travel and where to get started.  Nichole is experienced and knowledgeable in the travel industry and also has experience as a full bridal consultant.  Nichole has 17 enjoyable years of experience serving the wedding industry!

For couples beginning to consider a destination wedding, Nichole suggests beginning the process by considering the most important details:

1.  The Actual Wedding

2. Their Guests  

Most couples want the travel arrangements to be at ease for their guests and an experience their guests will always remember.   Next, I like my couples to focus on the actual wedding and describe to me their wedding vision.  Through these details, I am able to suggest the perfect resort for both the couple, and their guests.”

Nichole continues, “I am seeing more destination weddings because of the simplicity of a destination wedding. Also, couples look forward to the time spent with family and friends. Plus, I see more weddings scheduled off season which offers the couple and their guests’ big savings!”

Accordingly to Nichole, honeymoon planning is also on the rise.  Nichole shares that, “Couples see the value of a honeymoon and want to create a special experience to enjoy as a newly married couple.”  For couples beginning to consider honeymoon travel, Nichole suggests you, “Take a moment and imagine yourselves on your honeymoon and think about how you want to enjoy your days?  Is it completely relaxation? Trying something new? Adventure?”  Describing your ideal honeymoon experience will allow your experienced travel agent the opportunity to suggest a destination that aligns with a mix of what you are both looking for.  Nichole cautions couples not to get “caught up on the actual destination and to trust your travel agent to suggest a destination that aligns with how you want to enjoy your time together!”

Current trends in honeymoon travel are, “Experienced based honeymoons!  Most couples still want to relax in a tropical setting but with the addition of being spoiled. Special Rooms, Adults only resorts, Room Service, Spa Services, those extra service related amenities are really popular right now,” explains Nichole Winter of Destination Vacation.

Options for honeymoon and destination wedding travel are endless!  Opportunities to plan your own travel might seem feasible but we suggest that you leave the travel to the experts!  Nichole agrees, “This is your wedding/honeymoon, you only get one! There are so many options and with their experience, a professional travel agent can help guide you to the right option.  Plus, by choosing a professional travel agent, you will always have someone knowledgeable that you can direct your questions to and a professional to look out for you from the very beginning to your return home!”

Not all travel agents are the same.  Be sure to entrust your honeymoon or destination wedding travel to a travel agent that has experience with honeymoons and destination weddings.  Leave the travel planning to the experts and contact our experienced travel agent member today:  Destination Vacation.