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2017 XO Award Recipients
February 05, 2017

It is the honor of the Central Minnesota Wedding Association to award the “XO Award.”  Recipients of this prestigious award are recognized for providing eXtraOrdinary service; a wedding industry vendor that has gone above and beyond to save the day when plans otherwise would have turned into a disastrous affair.

Please join me in congratulating these eXtraOrdinary wedding industry professionals on their over-the-top, unending dedication to their clients!  You can hear about their wedding day heroics below.

Classic Hall Event Center

"Everyone was having a wonderful time and enjoying dinner. The Bride’s grandma was getting up to go get a drink of coffee and ended up tripping over one of the grandkids and fell straight to the ground. She hit her head but was still conscious but dislocated her shoulder.

I was able to get the tables moved away from her and a pillow under her head to help make her as comfortable as possible. We work with the Annandale Police department for our security and I was able to get in touch with the officer and he was here within a few minutes of the situation.

We were able to get the ambulance here in no time and get grandma transported to the hospital. During this whole ordeal (roughly 40 minutes) I was able to get the crowd to stay mingling, the DJ still playing the dinner music and I had the Bride outside with me to keep her calm.

As soon as grandma was loaded into the ambulance the night went per plan as if nothing even happened."

Brit Haskins, Classic Hall Event Center

Brit Haskins, Classic Hall Event Center

Brit Haskins, Classic Hall Event Center

D. J. Bitzan Jewelers

"The team at D.J. Bitzan Jewelers works diligently to build excellent relationships with our customers. Beyond selling them an engagement ring, we share in the excitement and challenges of their wedding planning. 

This past year, a customer ordered a wedding band in anticipation of their wedding day. The ring arrived and our salesperson Emily immediately recognized that the ring wasn’t going to work with the customer’s ring, and their wedding was less than two weeks away.

Since a designer-custom wedding band takes 4-6 weeks to make, our team had to work together to find a solution.

Our marketing and support teams reviewed a designer’s Instagram page to find a fitting band that would work.  Our Director of Operations then scheduled a special meeting with the designer in Las Vegas during a jewelry show to meet one-on-one.  

They worked together to get a special, custom made wedding band within a greatly shortened window. Our support team worked tirelessly to get updates and confirm shipment dates so the ring would arrive on time.

On the morning of our customer’s wedding, a relaxed and excited groom entered our store and was delivered a beautiful, custom made band to present to his bride. Our team did an exceptional job keeping the customer informed, and it’s comforting to know that our team would provide a solution no matter what it takes."

Angie Jacobs, D.J. Bitzan Jewelers

Angie &amp; Michelle, D.J. Bitzan Jewelers

Angie & Michelle, D.J. Bitzan Jewelers

Impressions Mobile Music

"We highly recommend Impressions Mobile Music; you can't find a better DJ!

We went to the St. Cloud Wedding Expo and were overwhelmed by all the DJ choices and decided to go with Impressions Mobile Music for our wedding-AND SO GLAD WE DID!

We had a large outdoor wedding in our backyard; Larry met with us before hand and made sure every little detail was in place. We had an acquaintance of ours that was supposed to play acoustic guitar/sing for the ceremony, social hour, dinner, and first dance. Somehow there was miscommunication and he only played for the ceremony and had to leave.

Larry was ready to go and took care of everything- he saved the day!  Our wedding reception and dance was a blast and we had many people tell us how awesome our DJ was and everyone thought he made the night perfect and was a lot of fun!

Don't look anywhere else for a DJ for you event! Thank you Impressions Mobile Music!"

Larry Rowe, Impressions Mobile Music

Larry Rowe, Impressions Mobile Music

Wedding & Tuxedo Connection

"We did a wedding this summer that we did the bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, flowers and decorating/rentals for the venue.  The venue, which I won't name, was very difficult to work with. The wedding was approx. 225 people and they were spending about $3,000 on decorating. 

We were given 4 hours to drape the ceiling, put on 225 chair covers plus sashes, runner and the center pieces plus 4 extra tables with lighting.  First there was confusion as to who was providing the table linens, so I was trying to take down linens when the lady in charge finally brought some out.  She also didn't like that we used her water for the vases.  She thought we should bring them already filled.

As we are finishing up we realized there are 10 tables left bare and about 110 chairs left without chair covers. So I recounted to make sure I had the correct amount the bride ordered and we did. 

The room looked unfinished, like we ran out of stuff.  We talked to the person in charge and the bride to see if they were taking down the unused tables and chairs.  We were told no because it’s too labor intensive and too time consuming. 

She told the bride it looks fine don't worry about it.  The bride/mom and groom were not happy.  They weren't told all the tables would be left up.  I assured the couple we would take care of it and make it look like she envisioned. I told the person in charge I would be back the following day (the day of the wedding) to finish up with what she wasn't willing to take down.

I went back to our store and got 110 more chair covers and thankfully had enough sashes to help finish off the look. 

We had extra flowers and vases (that we had to add more bling to) to do more center pieces for the tables and runners to make the room look like the vision for the couple.

This worked out great too because the lady in charge wasn't willing to light the candles on any of the center pieces either.  So we were able to complete the bride’s vision and light the candles.  The bride was very happy when she saw the finished look after the ceremony."

Jen Mayer, Wedding & Tuxedo Connection

Sue &amp; Jen, Wedding &amp; Tuxedo Connection

Sue & Jen, Wedding & Tuxedo Connection