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The Inside Scoop on Wedding Day Transportation
June 13, 2017

Have you made logistical decisions surrounding transportation yet?  Ensuring that everyone gets where they need to be safe and on time is an important part of making sure your day goes off without a hitch!  As you begin to consider and plan for your transportation needs, Tami Spanier, VP Operations at Pearl Limousine has taken the time to share the inside scoop on wedding day transportation in Central Minnesota with us.

What trends are you currently seeing for wedding day transportation?

Wedding Day transportation is still a big item with many couples.  We continue to see the church/park to the reception and some bar hopping in between; however, the want to keep everyone safe throughout the day is growing into having a vehicle available from hotel, to church, to reception, and back to the hotels throughout the evening.

At a recent out-of-town wedding I saw a trend that I love shown off beautifully.  The bride and groom have their own car, the wedding party follows them up and a shuttle bus follows up with the family and friends. 

This day started with the groom and his groomsmen being picked up at the hotel and shuttled to the church.  This limo then followed up with the bride and her attendants with the bride stepping out of the limo and walking up the stairs to the church and down the aisle.  Bonus, the weather was perfect!  After the ceremony, everyone boarded their respective vehicles for the procession to the reception.  The shuttle bus was then available from a set time for shuttles back to the hotels.

We are still seeing the want for larger vehicles in order to transport the entire wedding party together, along with wedding guest transportation options.  I think the one thing I am noticing is the wishes of the bride and groom are changing.  The request for package deals for their grand day is growing and the want for that “Private” time with the person they just married is becoming increasingly important.  Thus, a smaller more elegant ride for the newly married couple is most appropriate.

We are also seeing more “creative” ideas/plans for the Bachelorette/Bachelor party.  For couples who are over the x-rated bachelor/bachelorette parties, we are seeing more trips to the Casino, Racetrack, Spa, Scavenger Hunts, or Twins/Vikings games throughout the year with the limousine rentals, rather than the bar hopping experience.

What can you tell us about your style and/or specialty?

At Pearl Limousine we like to show off our Cadillac limousines.  Even with our vintage vehicles, we are still the classiest ride in-town.  Our beautiful Cadillac Stretches and Escalades help us stand out from the competition.  You don’t see many Cadillac fleets around the Central Minnesota area.

The very popular Cadillac Escalade

The very popular Cadillac Escalade

What is your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

Our favorite part of working with the wedding industry is and continues to be the excitement of the day.  With the fun along with the craziness of the day, having a stress free ride, along with a nicely stocked bar, brings everyone back into a festive mode. 


For more recommendations on planning for your wedding day transportation, check out Tami’s article in the 2017 Wedding Planner, “Transportation 101 – Arrive in Style” beginning on page 111.  You can request a complimentary copy of the Wedding Planner be mailed to you here: http://www.idoido.org/request-a-guide.  Tami urges that, “Price is not always the best determining factor when considering transportation and this article spells out the other things to think about before booking a ride.”